The Health Centre of Maple: Servicing the Vaughan Area for 17 Years

We are your hub for health and wellness at The Health Centre of Maple in Vaughan and the surrounding areas. Over the last 17 years, we’ve been serving the community through our medical centre and walk-in clinic. With family doctors, physicians, pharmacists and physiotherapists from all walks of life, we connect with our patients to find out the best ways to treat their conditions, whether it’s a disease, disorder or an injury.

Our Clinic and Health Services in Maple

When you visit our clinic, you will be greeted by friendly staff that cares about your medical conditions. Whether you’re in need of our sports medicine clinic, our hearing clinic, urgent care or our travel medicine clinic, we’re always accepting new patients. We also offer a fully stocked pharmacy, breast screening, x-rays and ultrasounds .

Stay Healthy

Get treatment for all your health and medical issues through our team of doctors.

Reach Out to the Medical Team 

Give us a call today to learn more about the medical services we provide in the Vaughan area. We’ll set up a consultation for you and deduce your medical ailments. Don’t wait until there’s a real concern. Get in touch today!

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Experienced Professionals

Our team of doctors have more than 17 years of experience to treat patients in Maple.

Treat an Injury

Our team of physiotherapists can treat your sports and auto injuries. Get healthy with us.

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Give us a call or come and see us. We treat your medical conditions and urgent care needs.