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Get an X-ray as We Develop a Treatment Plan

If you have a sharp pain that you can’t explain or you broke a bone in a freak accident, it’s important to get an x-ray. It’s the first step on the path to recovery. Our team of family doctors and physicians can see what the problem is and guide you through the treatment process. Once we find out what’s going on, we’ll recommend the best way to get you back to 100 per cent without impacting your long-term health. Whether you’re an athlete, a senior, an adult or a child, we care for all our clients through this initial process.

Get an Ultrasound: You’ve Got to See the Baby!

Just found out you’re pregnant? Come to The Health Centre of Maple and meet with a doctor today. We offer ultrasounds and critical advice that will make sure you’re as healthy as possible throughout the nine-month term. We’re always accepting new patients so give us a call today to learn more about our medical services in Vaughan.

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